Dr. Stacey Neilson, Naturopathic Doctor, Nanaimo, BC


About Dr. Stacey Neilson
Dr. Stacey Neilson, Naturopathic Doctor, Nanaimo, BC

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Neilson is passionate about helping others improve their health through science-based naturopathic medicine. Her goal, as a Naturopathic Doctor is to identify the root cause of health imbalance or disease. She looks to restore balance in the body through comprehensive consultations, customized treatment plans and/or recommendations including nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, and acupuncture as well as injection and IV therapies.


As a Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Neilson holds a prescriptive authority in the province of British Columbia. She has certification in IV Therapy and Chelation Therapy. Her additional certification in advanced injection therapies gives her the ability to use Prolotherapy and PRP, Neural Therapy, Perineural Therapy. She is certified in Acupuncture and has additional education and training in Naturopathic Supportive Cancer Care.


Dr. Neilson’s passion to live each day to the fullest conveys in her Nanaimo practice. She welcomes all ages and health conditions. In addition to helping others improve their health and well-being, she lives an active life with her three amazing daughters on Vancouver Island.

Dr Neilson has been a lifelong athlete, has competed in triathlon for over a decade including world championship races and the Boston Marathon. She enjoys yoga, alpine and Nordic skiing, kayaking, camping, and outdoor supports.


Clinical nutrition, vitamin injections, homeopathy, acupuncture, botanical medicine, detoxification and specialized testing is just the beginning of what Dr. Neilson’s Nanaimo Naturopathic practice. She provides testing for food sensitivities, hormones, toxic heavy metals, digestive analysis as well as vitamin deficiencies, and standard blood work.


Dr. Neilson provides injection therapies for pain and injury including neural therapy, perineural therapy, prolotherapy and PRP. The IV therapies include vitamin and mineral IV’s, high-dose vitamin C, and chelation therapy for heart disease and detoxification.

Naturopathic Services

Comprehensive Naturopathic Consultation

  • Get to the root cause of your health concern
  • Complete comprehensive medical profile 
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • In-depth analysis of your physical signs and symptoms
  • Go over your medical history, dietary and lifestyle habits (lifestyle, history, mood and
    energy levels, intake of alcohol, caffeine, and water)
  • Complaint-oriented physical exam as well as blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature etc
  • Blood work can be requested

IV Therapy and Vitamin Injections

An infusion of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that are delivered directly to the bloodstream.  This specialized therapy allows higher concentrations of the nutrients to be delivered to the cells. This procedure bypasses the digestive system.

Prolotherapy and PRP

Prolotherapy is the delivery of solutions such as dextrose and procaine to damaged tissue to stimulate a healing response.

PRP is using a patients own blood to create a concentrate of platelet rich plasma which can be injected into the damaged tissue and joints to stimulate tissue regeneration.

It is commonly used to treat musculoskeletal pain due to injuries and degeneration.

Food Sensitivity Testing

A blood test, called immunoglobulin G, Meant to identify what food intolerances or allergies you may have. 


By inserting very thin needles through the skin at strategic points in your body, acupuncture is believed to assist with the following:

• Reduce back pain
• Headache relief

• Reduce eye strain
• Enhance mental clarity
• Increase energy
• Reduce neck tension
• Relieve joint pain
• Provide allergy relief
• Relieve digestive conditions
• Improve immune system
• Relieve digestive conditions
• Provide allergy relief

Integrative Cancer Therapy

Integrative Cancer Therapy is treating the whole body. A broad spectrum of therapy options are available and will be personalized to meet your specific needs for supportive oncology care. Integrative cancer treatment includes targeted supplementation and nutritional support, immune system support, injection therapies, IV therapies and more.

Naturopathic Dispensary and Prescription

We focus on the whole person, not just the illness. Our medicine focuses on supporting and stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself. 


Lab Testing

Standard medical life labs, as well as hormone tests, food sensitivity blood tests, toxin screening such as heavy metals, microbiome testing, and much more.

Conditions Treated with Naturopathic Medicine

Stress, (anxiety, depression, burn-out). Fatigue. Hormonal Health. Digestive. Sleep difficulties. Pain due to injury. Sports Medicine. Arthritis. Cancer. Detoxification. Immune support. Sleep difficulties. Allergies. Infections. Autoimmune issues. Cardiovascular Disease. Healthy Aging.

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Dr. Stacey Neilson, Naturopathic Doctor, Nanaimo, BC